Tokyo Imperial Palace

April 3, 2016

As the chilly breeze of spring smoothly caressed my skin, I found myself holding the hand of my beloved other half strolling in a vast place filled with trees of different sizes and kinds, blooming flowers that looked as if they were enchanting every eye that glanced at them, and a horde of folks from different places in Japan and various countries. Age doesn’t matter in this capacious abode of the Japanese royal family. Did I dream about this? You might ask. With all honesty, no, I didn’t. However, it felt like a dream come true. You see, my life is filled with dreams. Some already turned to reality and some are yet to come true. Nevertheless, I’ll forever be grateful to my Creator for everything He has done for me. 💞

Now, I’d love to share the feeling of fulfillment and adoration for being in a place that turned into something that’s more than just a dream. 😊

We got there by train and got off at Tokyo Station. Behold..

Tokyo Station

To my amazement, Tokyo Station appeared to me with a royal architecture, unlike any other stations I’ve been to thus far. From there, we briefly traveled on foot to get to the palace.

Tokyo Imperail palace

As long as you pass this area, you’ll be able to see the palace. I strongly suggest you wear your very comfy footwear on the day of your visit. 😉 I took a video here.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

My appreciation to the people behind this. Everybody was perfectly guided. In every step I made, my excitement seemed to grow bigger. Couldn’t imagine what was ahead of us. This explains it.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The walking looked like it would never come to an end but I certainly couldn’t complain!

Tokyo Imperial Palace

No matter how long a journey is, it does come to a conclusion. So we finally arrived at the gate to the royal residence. I got high spirits. The site was beyond my expectation. So many things to see, to appreciate, and insights to be kept in mind as one finds his way back home. Yes, I am positively that kind of a person. Not only do I enjoy a place or something, but I also come at having thoughts about it or while I am at/in it.

I could notice that the gardens on the grounds are well-kept and full of beauty. The best gardens can be seen in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tourists usually flock here. I couldn’t stop myself from filming the area even for a few seconds. Please watch it here.

I’m now lost for words to explicitly describe what I saw and how I felt but I must tell you one thing, that day was indeed one good memory to be cherished and reminisced.