Hong Kong Disneyland: Attractions (Part 2)

Let me start this post with a tip:

Be sure to put on your most comfortable shoes as it requires a lot of walking in this big fun-filled world. *winks*

And Part 1 is here.

Shall we carry on? Here we go…

~ Sleeping Beauty Castle ~

What a shame I didn't get to see the sleeping princess. >_<

What a shame I didn’t get to see the sleeping princess. >_<

Of course I didn’t miss walking through this charming portal into an everlasting realm of enchantment.

~ Dumbo the Flying Elephant ~

Thanks for the joyide, Dumbo! ;)

Thanks for the joyride, Dumbo! 😉

Check the video.

~ Mickey’s PhilharMagic ~


We were totally fascinated by this magical 3D adventure! Even heard the “wows” and “ohs” of the rest of the spectators. Take a peek here.

~ Royal Banquet Hall ~

Royal lunch here^^V

Royal lunch here^^V

Can you see that lovely couple dancing? 😀 No wonder why almost all seats were taken. I must say the food was great! Plenty of international food to indulge in.

~ The Afternoon Parade ~

Hi Tinker Bell! ^_^

Hi Tinker Bell! ^_^

Because we came late from the royal lunch, we only got to see Tinker Bell and Stitch. >_<

~ Space Mountain ~

Crazy fun ride!

Crazy fun ride!

My guts are not for this kind of thing but Dohyoung really wanted me to do this so we took this thrilling high-speed journey to the universe! Sooo thrilling that I almost cried! haha.

~ “It’s a Small World” ~

What's in here?

What’s in here?

And here’s the total opposite of Space Mountain! Does the name ring a bell? Yeah, it’s the song! Be amused by the children from all over the world singing and dancing to ♪ ♫ ♬it’s a small world after all♪ ♫ ♬! [Spoiler alert: *whispers* They sing it in different languages which makes it so entertaining for me.] Click the video.

~ “Festival of the Lion King” ~

Our eyes were filled with beautiful colors brought by this lively music and dance inspired by Disney’s classic “The Lion King”. Watch this part.

♪ ♫ ♬Hakuna Matata♪ ♫ ♬

♪ ♫ ♬Hakuna Matata♪ ♫ ♬ 

~ “Disney Paint the Night” Parade ~

The waiting crowd~

The waiting crowd~

Here’s the most awaited part! Immersed ourselves in this spectacular parade! I was so into it that I couldn’t take a video of the whole event. So here are my 5 favorite parts:

Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast

Toy Story

Goofy, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Reminder: Watch them on HD. ^_^

That ends this memorable trip. ‘Til the next adventure! 😉

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